In this SalesEnvy Review I’m going to explain how you can use this power integrate Skype tool that will be the last CRM you ever need.

The below content can show you the many good reasons why you should buy Sales Envy.

SalesEnvy Review – Overview

Creator : Mark Thompson

mark thompson

Launch Date : 2016-03-10

Launch Time : 11:00 am EST

Price : $197 ( It can be changed)

Sale Page : >>>Click Here<<<

What is SalesEnvy?

SalesEnvy is your go-to platform for CRM and phone dialing solutions rolled into one fantastic package. This third party Skype app will take over all your phone dialing operation and will be your best friend when it comes to managing customer relations. It even automates some of your most important sales processes in just a few clicks of the mouse button.

SalesEnvy will revolutionize how organizations think about phone dialing and CRM. Both of these business factors are now more important than ever, and that is one of the reasons why this companion app for Skype was made.

How much is the cost of a CRM package these days? Just the estimates alone will make a startup company flinch. Include the essential sales campaign and the needed dialing medium to go with it, and the expenses balloon up pretty quickly.

sales envy review

Of course, no Sales Envy review will be complete without the listing of its amazing features and the benefits that come with it. Here they are, and arranged in no particular order:

What are Key Features of SalesEnvy?


Integrated Skype Calling:

Take advantage of the lowest monthly VoIP calling service for your team’s outbound dialing solution.  Make unlimited calls and use unlimited minutes for $3.00/month.

Schedule Meetings:

Easily schedule meeting with team members, potential & existing customers directly from inside SalesEnvy.

Auto-Dialing Ability:

Time is money. SalesEnvy allows sales reps to be able to not skip a beat, as the next phone number on your list is automatically called as soon as the previous call has ended.

Sales Pipeline Management:

See the entire sales process from prospect to customer and See at-a-glance stats on your overall sales team performance and metrics.

Sales Script:

Import dynamic sales scripts that your sales team can utilize when on a call for quality assurance and to maximize conversions.

Follow-Up Reminders:

Take control of events for follow up, timing of the day to call, time zones, follow-up dates dues or overdue.

Call Recording:

Record every call that is placed in SalesEnvy for training, quality assurance, and to reference at a later date.

Integrated Email Followup:

Easily send out personalized followup emails to your prospect to keep the conversation going.

How Does It Work?

sales envy review

See how SalesEnvy is changing every business, by boosting productivity, minimizing overhead costs and turning prospects into customers.

Watch the video “How SalesEnvy Works” now!!! 

Who Need To Use It?

The people who need to use Sales Envy are Online Business, MEDIUM & LARGE business or even Entrepreneur.

Why Should You Use it?

There are a lot of reasons to choose Sales Envy, but the most largest reason is its low cost – only $2.99/month.

SalesEnvy leverages the most popular VoIP solution (Skype) and its $2.99/month calling plans and created a platform that allows you to…

  • manage unlimited contacts.
  • make unlimited calls.
  • use unlimited minutes.
  • not worry about per agent fees

…by leveraging the low-cost calling plans that Skype provides (as low as $2.99/month). Not only was SalesEnvy designed to minimize overhead costs, BUT to make every call rep more efficient!

Therefore, SalesEnvy already saves businesses who need to manage
lead nurturing and outbound calling, hundreds…even

With such a wonderful software, It’s really worth to buy.